The foundation of the Isopogen business lies in its patented StemSmart™ platform technology. When applied to Mesenchymal Stem Cells (MSCs) this patented manufacturing process improves the clinical efficacy of MSCs – offering a powerful competitive advantage against other MSC treatments.

Our patented technology ensures that:

  • All Bovine proteins are eliminated. StemSmartTM MSC grown in bovine serum media and before harvesting cells, the bovine proteins must be eliminated as >50% of humans have antibodies that reject bovine proteins. The bovine proteins must be removed by:
      • washing the MSC; and
      • by metabolizing remaining proteins out of the cells by using proprietary media
  • Our MSC’s engineered for increased potency. Our MSC’s are cultivated in proprietary media that results in MSC being primed to respond to inflammation (demonstrated by gene expression and increased production of anti-inflammatory proteins IDO, TSG-6 ). Immunomodulatory actions of MSC are triggered by exposure to inflammatory molecules (TNF𝛼, IFNγ and other cytokines). StemSmartTM is 2-3 TIMES MORE POTENT than conventional MSC as indicated by TNFR1 production.