Our proprietary cellular medicine, StemSmart, has the potential to change the lives of auto-immune sufferers worldwide.  To improve our impact, our focus will be on pursuing prevalent conditions with unmet clinical needs.

Isopogen has a broad and advanced pipeline of research across a variety of conditions, with untapped potential in high-value markets such as auto-immune disorders.

As the only company to show clinical efficacy of MSCs in Crohn’s sufferers (Phase II clinical trial), we are now focused on completing late-stage clinical development for life-threatening (refractory) Crohn’s disease, and initiating Phase 2 clinical trials for non-life-threatening Crohn’s Disease. These conditions represent a market of 2 million sufferers worldwide.

StemSmart™ is a frozen product, suitable for use in any patient without the need for matching. StemSmart™ is administered to the patient by simple infusion into a peripheral vein. The volume of the infusion is very small and typically takes about 10 minutes.